Use the Infor LN Extension Modeler to add the logic around CDFs and how to tailor standard components. Infor LN 10.5/10.6 contains these extension points:

  • Table
  • Session
  • Report
  • BOD
  • Menu

In the Extension Modeler, you can set properties and hooks for those components. The implementation of the extension point for one component is called an extension. With an extension built for an extension point you change the behavior of a component. For example, by creating an extension for a session you can add additional fields to that session.

LN’s extensibility is built upon LN’s pluggable architecture. The standard application components of LN are plugged into the sockets of the runtime layers, which perform all common tasks, such as database access, screen handling, etc. Extensions are additional plugs into the runtime layers; sometimes, an extension can also handle as an adapter.