Infor LN 10.6 - Mandatory Planning Cluster.

Up to LN 10.6 it is possible to set up inconsistent planning scenarios, leading to either missing or doubled supply advices. For example: a job shop order with the supplying warehouses in different clusters than the receiving warehouse. Because the setup in the planning area is most often done by experienced planners, the problem does not occur often. But in a multi-site scenario the chance of making errors becomes more substantial.

Therefore, these changes are introduced:

• The planning cluster is now required in the item planning record.

• A warehouse is linked to only one site and a site is linked to only one planning cluster

The empty planning cluster is no longer allowed

These changes will support the creation and running of an unambiguous and correct planning / replenishment scenario in LN.

The changes in the cluster data require user interaction. Therefore, instead of having an automatic conversion, the change will be done with an intermediate step, decoupled from the upgrade. The activation is parameter controlled. First the parameter is set to In Preparation. This phase can be used to correct, to complete and check the master data. When finished, the parameter is set to Active, the master data is converted and the new functionality becomes active.

The code for replacing the "blank" cluster is defined in the field Default Planning Cluster in the Planning Parameters session. This field is only visible during the In Preparation phase.